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Stuart & The English Civil War

We can offer to your site the following living history:

Military: artillery, pike man, musketeer, dragoon, harquebusier, siege engineer, baggage, New Model Army, Trayned Band, sailor.

Civilian everyday life and living: cooking, homes & lighting, pastimes, toys and childhood, perfume & cosmetics, writing.

Events: Banqueting, The Gunpowder Plot,  Christmas (including Cromwell’s Cancelled Christmas), Battle of Powick, Battle of Edgehill, Battle of Naseby, Battle of Worcester

Fashion: Clothes, accessories, hair & make up to presentations including: “what a load of pants”- a historical look at underpants and “It kills to look this good” - a look at the dangerous things used to look beautiful

Recycle & sustainability: a look at how our ancestors never wasted anything

Practical sessions: Cannon loading, pike drill, musket drill and have-a-go craft activities

Trades: brewer, farming,  fishing, trader, priest, teacher, cloth merchant, servant, inn keeping, explorer, gong farming, grave digging, rat catching, builder, baker, chandler, parish clerk, church warden, overseer of the poor, surveyor of highways, parish constable.

Crafts: Dyeing, weaving, braiding, spinning, fuller, Wattle & Daub, brick making

Medical: wise woman, apothecary, physician, barber surgeon, midwifery.

 Worst Jobs: in children's history

Crime & Punishment: smuggling, conspirators, pirates, gaoler, executioner, witch finder.

Famous Characters: Guy Fawkes & the gun powder plotters.

 Strolling Characters: Roam your attraction chatting to visitors

Presentations: The Horrid History of Food.
Dear Helen,
Hope you have now thawed out after the chill of last weekend but wanted to thank you for your intrepid work with the weaving in our Sheep to Cloth event and also for your support in our other activities. It was much appreciated and we’ll certainly think of you again if we repeat the event in the future.

Worcestershire County Museum